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Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati (VAT IT 04274940826) is a Law Firm established in 1995. It has three offices, two of which in northern Italy, namely the head office in Milan at n° 10 of Piazza Duca d’Aosta, and the offices in Treviglio (Bergamo), and one in southern Italy in Palermo.

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Babino, Falcone & Falcone has three partners and ten associates as well as a number of assistants and secretaries.

Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati

Our Law firm is a corporate member of:

The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy
  Some of our Lawyers are accredited at the British Embassy Rome -British Consulate General Milan

Some of our lawyers are accredited at the
U.S. Embassy as English Speaking Professionals

Exclusive Law Firm for the British Institute
of Export in the project DoingBusinessinItaly

Full Member of IGAL (Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers)

The members of the firm belong to various international organizations, among which the London-based International Bar Association, and the Salzburg-based Center for International Legal Studies. They also attend regularly international conferences organized by these organizations across Europe as speakers and moderators and publish essays and papers for these same organizations in law reviews and books.

about1While providing legal counseling to its clients (mainly companies and natural persons operating in the industrial, commercial, tourism, translation, insurance, navigation, transportation and financial sectors and clients in succession cases) across the country, the firm has established a network of correspondents for a more timely and effective action and to optimize the costs of the legal proceedings filed on behalf of clients. Moreover, the firm belongs to a network of European and international law firms with which it has been collaborating for several years now through stable cooperation also in litigation in Italy and abroad on behalf of Italian clients. This organization allows for customized strategies that best meet the needs of our clients.

Barristers and Solicitors' Indemnity Insurance: Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. policy n. 380612220



Commercial and Trade Law


International Law


Corporate Law


Bankruptcy Law


Medical malpractice


Succession – Wills - Inheritance Law



  • Family Trust - Family Governance
  • Trust and Estates
  • Security Trust
  • Voting Trust
  • Trust project Financing

Maritime and Admiralty Law - International Shipping


Real Estate




International Litigation


Intellectual Property


Our Practice Areas

The Firm covers both the negotiation and drafting of Contracts and all the Litigation in the following main areas of practice:

Italian and International Commercial law

Italian and international commercial law: negotiation (letter of intent, confidentiality agreement), drawing-up and review of national and international purchase and sale agreements, including long-term supply agreements, licensing and technology transfer agreements (both EU and extra-EU), joint-venture agreements,  agency agreements, distributorship agreements, consignment stock agreements, and commercial transactions in Italy and abroad; both contractual and extra-contractual civil liability relating to matters linked directly or indirectly to business in the EU and in extra-EU countries, including liability for default in payment in commercial transactions, insurance issues, transportation liability, loss and theft of goods, third-party injury due to accidents also at sea.

Italian and International Commercial Law

Corporate law

Corporate law: the firm deals with the incorporation of companies, alterations, mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance (liability of company bodies especially with regard to relations with the shareholders and holders of company shares) and provides counseling and assistance in court and out of court in every level of jurisdiction.

Corporate Law

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law: the firm can boast a long experience in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings by providing assistance to creditors in procedures for proof of debt and bankruptcy rescindment and in any other aspect relating to bankruptcy proceedings.

Bankruptcy Law

Intellectual Property

Patenting and trademark law. Drafting and reviewing of licensing agreements, sale and other forms of disposal of IP rights. Distribution, agency, contract manufacture, supply, sponsorship, franchising, merchandising and other commercial agreements. Disputes as for unfair competition, trademark abuse, patent misuse and infringements.

Intellectual Property

Employement Law

Drafting claim for compensation, with examination of medical report and estimation of temporary or permanent disability damages, moral damage and damage suffered by relatives. Negotiations with the counterpart in the out-of-court and mediation proceeding. Judicial activity in first instance, appeal and cassation.

Medical malpractice

Succession, Wills, Inheritance Law

Succession, Wills, Inheritance Law: for several years now the firm has provided legal counseling and assistance in hereditary successions, distributions, settlements, dealing with the inheritance of Italian citizens, including real estate located abroad, and the inheritance of foreign citizens, including movables and immovables, stocks and bonds, and bank deposits in Italy.

Succession, Wills, Inheritance Law


Trusts : Various cases of trust, for example:  · Family Trust – Family Governance; · Trust and Estates; · Security Trust; · Voting Trust; · Trust project Financing.


International Law

Legal advice during the start up process and throughout the commercial activity of the company, both in Eu Countries - among the others United Kingdom, Malta, Luxembourg, Cyprus, - and Non-Eu Countries, such as Usa and Mexico. Drafting and reviewing of Commercial Agreements, assistance in Share Transfers, incorporations, merging & acquisitions, opening of satellite and/or representative offices.

International Law

Maritime Law - International Shipping

Maritime Law – International Shipping : Babino, Falcone & Falcone Avvocati Associati represents clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts involving international shipping law and carriage of goods by sea; advising also in relation to all related insurance aspects.

Maritime Law


Rights protection in banking and financial matters, including the examination of the technical accounting report and request for the declaration of nullity (even if partial) of bank contracts, contestation of anatocism and claims for compensation both in the out-of-court stage, including the mediation proceeding , and in the judicial stage in first instance, appeal and cassation.


International litigation

International litigation: I Italian Court recognition and enforcement of judgements made by Foreign Courts: A)Judgements made by Courts of one of the member state of the European Union · Council Regulation (EC) 44/2011 OF 22 December 2001 · Regulation (EC) 805/2004 B)  Judgement made by Courts of on a non – EU Country · Law number 218 of 31 May 1995 amended by Legislative Degree N. 150 of 1 September 2011 II International Rogatory ordered to Fulfil in Italy Aa) Rogatory ordered by Courts of one of the member State of the European Union (Reg. EC 1206/2001) Ab) Rogatory ordered by Courts of a non- EU Country Conv. Hague 1954 Conv. Hague 1965 Conv. Hague 1970

International litigation

Real Estate

Negotiating, drawing up and review of agreements (transfer, lease, about residential offices, hotels, high – class shop etc.), real estate litigation, full legal services.

Real Estate

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The firm is based in Milan, but maintains also strategic offices in the North West (Bergamo), in the North East (Treviso) and in the South of Italy (Palermo).