In recent years, purchases of properties in Italy by citizens from all over the world have increased significantly.

In fact, more and more people are choosing Italy for its artistic and natural beauties, the favorable climate and the excellent gastronomy not only as a destination for their short holidays but also as a destination for a long-term investment consisting in the purchase of a real estate (a villa, a house by the sea or in the mountains, an apartment in the city) to be used for long or short stays or to be rented.

However, there are various rules that you need to know and respect when purchasing a property to avoid unpleasant surprises or extra sums to pay.

In order to purchase a real estate property safely and with total peace of mind, assistance from a lawyer specialized in the sector is therefore essential.

In recent years, our Law Firm has successfully assisted numerous foreign buyers in the purchase of properties in Italy, we would therefore be happy to help you with our legal advice for your purchase of a property in Italy!


Milan, 18 December 2023


Avv. Giovanni Babino

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