The d.lgs. n.79/2011 is a set of innovative rules provided to regulate the touristic market.

Among the most important innovations introduced there are:

  • Fruition of touristic services for people with disabilities, without any increase of the final price (art. 3 all. 1);
  • Compulsory insurance for travel agencies to guarantee the required contractual performance assumed by signing the travel agreement (art. 19 all.1);
  • The reorganization of the legislative provisions regarding family holiday fund, a subsidy to benefit of a holiday for those families whose annual revenues are between €0 and €35.000,00 (art. 27 all.1);
  • Emotional distress damages for ruined holiday considered as an independent offense (art. 47 all.), which will connected with the worthless time spent and with the unique lost opportunity”;
  • The mediation procedure depends from the contractual will of the parties (art. 67 all.1);



The law enforcement will be arduous, but it constitutes an attempt to regulate a subject which was without any regulation until nowadays.


Milan, 30th of June 2011



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