Art. 463 of Italian Civil Code provides for several cases that exclude persons, who have committed crimes, from the succession.

The murder or the attempted murder is the first crime that makes a person "unworthy" to hereditary succession.

Pursuant to art. 463 Italian Civil Code, first paragraph, it is excluded from the succession: “Any person who has voluntarily killed or attempted to kill the person whose succession is involved, or his or her spouse, or a descendant or ascendant, as long as there is not one of the cases which exclude criminal liability under criminal law”.

 Unfortunately, the murder that has as its aim the obtaining of an inheritance is not only frequent in the crime fiction, but also in reality.

Modern investigative techniques, facilitated by technology, often lead to the identification of the guilty.
However, in more complex cases, the "little grey cells" of Hercule Poirot or his peers are once again indispensable...


Milano, 1st March 2021

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