A foreign subject (natural person or legal person), who has obtained in his country, against a subject resident in Italy (natural person or legal person) a judgment containing a payment order of sums of money, may wonder how to recover the credit in Italy, which occasionally it’s considered almost impossible.


However, it is very possible to recover one's debt (deriving from a foreign judgment) in Italy.


Thanks to international, European and Italian rules, if the judgment in question meets certain requirements, it will be possible to take executive action against the debtor through the Italian judicial system.


Especially , if it concerns a judgment rendered by a member country of the European Union, the procedure is particularly rapid fast and effective.


In fact, EU Regulation no. 1215/2012 provides in Article 36, paragraph 1: " A judgment given in a Member State shall be recognized in the other Member States without any special procedure being required".


Furthermore, based on the provisions of article 41 of EU Regulation no. 1215/2012, creditors will be able to proceed with enforcement according to the rules of the Italian civil procedure code regarding debt recovery.


Based on what has just been said, not only is it possible to recover your credit from a person resident in Italy, but the recovery methods are easy and fairly quick.


Our firm has been dealing with international debt collection for years; therefore, do not lose hope of recovering your credit in Italy, we can help you!


Milan, 14 June 2024

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