Avv. Giuseppe Rizzo

Born on the 11th of October in Palermo, graduated in International Law from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.

In 2006 obtained an International Masters in “Policy and Territorial Development” from the Università degli Studi, Palermo and Universidad de Deusto of Bilbao, Spain. Studies included Public Policies and Analysis of Judicial Politics and their problems in the European Union, with the title of “Expert in Public Policy and Territorial Development”.

From 2005, principally involved in Internationalization Processes and Foreign Investments covering specific areas such as Business Law in Italy and Europe as well as America; judicial and extra judicial consultancy for companies, public and private offices in Italian and International Commercial Law, Company Law, Bankrupcy Law, Succession and Trust.

2009 relocated to Spain to collaborate with a Spanish Law Firm, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. The firm is amongst the most important in the sector of International Commerce between Italy and Spain, furnishing legal consultancy in particular for Italian businesses which have either commercial dealings with, or projects in Spain.

During this period also attended a University course in Spainish law and graduated with a second degree (Licenciatura en Derecho).

Member of the Order of Lawyers of Milan and Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (ICAM). Practicing lawyer in both Italy and Spain with European and Internatioanal approach, treating legal themes including transnational themes, in particular giving legal assistance and consultancy both judicial and extra judicial (ADR) in Italian, Spanish and English.

From 2011 professional mediator.

Teacher and co-ordinator of training courses for Mayors and Councillors in Sicily.

Has collaborated with associations including Unioncamere Sicilia.

Has attended training courses on Domestic and International Politics and Europrojectation and access to Community funds.

In addition has also consulted with Regional and Local Sicilian Governments for the programming, management and implementation of Public Development Policies, also co-financed with European funds.

Dealt with Institutional relations, colllaborating with institutions, employment offices, Regional representatives, local councils and businesses, co-ordinating comunal initiatives to increase strategic role of the territory (Public Affairs).

Member of various associations among which Unione Giuristi Cattolici Italiani (UGCI), Associazione Nazionale Avvocati Cristiani (A.N.A.C.), Associazione “Ludovico Necchi” Graduate of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Associazione Legali Italiani - Sezione Sicilia (A.L.I. Sicilia) and member of professional “Juris ConsultLegal & Trade Consult Network.

Responsible for the Movement of Cursillors of Christianity of Diocese of Trapani and Pilgrim of Camino de Santiago.

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English.


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The firm is based in Milan, but maintains also strategic offices in the North West (Bergamo), in the North East (Treviso) and in the South of Italy (Palermo).